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Call Pest Control of Huntington Beach at 714-823-3157 to get rid of the stinging insects in or around your home!

Assuming you have lived in Huntington Beach for any period of time, you are probably no stranger to the bees and wasps. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of a Huntington Beach bee removal specialists. Pest Control of Huntington Beach has bee removal experts who work relentlessly to defend the residents of Huntington Beach from the menace of stinging insects. We’re able to offer bee removal services at both households and industrial offices.

Our staff work throughout the Huntington Beach, California area to relocate, and if necessary, exterminate, all types of bees. Our staff commonly removes Africanized killer bees, honey bees, yellow jackets, wasps and hornets. Our Huntington Beach bee removal experts won’t just ensure that the current bees are removed, but we can help prevent the bees from returning to your property. Our experts will also clean-up the mess that the bees often leave behind. This includes removing beehives from roofs, attics, fireplaces, and anywhere else the bees might have left their mark.

We’ve provided a list down below of what it is best to be aware of when confronted with a bee problem:

    1. Bees are typically not aggressive unless they feel confronted. If you discover a swarm or nest of bees, back up and stay away. Don’t try to swat at or spray the bees. Be careful of Africanized bees because they do not necessarily need to be provoked to attack. These bees tend to be much more aggressive.
    2. Because nest removal can be as essential as the actual elimination of the bees, ensure that any Huntington Beach bee removal company includes this in their quote to you.
    3. When our bee specialists come to your house, they’ll make certain that there are not any openings in the house, such as openings in the walls or gaps in your roofing, that the bees or wasps can use to go in your home. Protecting your family and pets are our #1 priority.
    4. Do not get scammed by in-store bee removal products. The in-store products will only have a temporary effect on the bees. They will also not get rid of the nest itself, which can be crucial. Spraying bees will only annoy them and send them into attack mode. Bee eradication is best left to professionals.
    5. If you notice a nest or swarm, you must not approach it. Africanized bees may look much like honey bees, yet are far more aggressive. We’ve had customers get stung more than twenty-five times because they attempted to remove a beehive using a broom. We can not emphasize this enough: Stay clear of beehives. Bee attacks can be fatal to humans.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to call us at 714-823-3157. Unlike some other Huntington Beach pest control companies, we don’t send out our regular pest control technicians to deal with a bee elimination job. Our Huntington Beach bee removal specialists are truly excited about guarding the families of Huntington Beach and take their work seriously. If you’ve seen an increase in the amount of bees you have seen near your home, office or school, then it’s a great indication that there is a swarm of bees close by.

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Be sure to keep children clear of bee, wasp, or hornet nests as they can be deadly when unknowingly provoked.

A nest of bees can contain from 5,000 to 50,000 bees! We probably do not have to tell you how unsafe a bee nest near your property could be to your family and pets.Occasionally, bees will come to an area prior to actually creating a nest. If you can, try to detect whether the bees actually have set up a nest, or if they are really a swarm that is going to move on. Attempt to observe the bees to ascertain if they go back to some type of nest. However, be sure you avoid getting too close. You should consider your bee removal options if it seems that the bees have constructed a nest.

If bees undertake residence in part of your building, like within the attic, fireplace or wall, then you’ll need to call a Huntington Beach bee removal expert right away to be sure that you limit the damage to your structure. You won’t need to stress about getting charged an inspection fee. Just provide us with an accurate description on the phone about the location and size of the hive, and we can provide an estimate. We offer reasonable rates and warranties on our bee removal services, which means you know we’ll do it properly and you’ll know precisely how much it is going to cost. Contact us at 714-823-3157 today to find out how we can work with you.